Cellular Shades are made from a variety of luxurious spunlace, point-bond or woven fabrics. These shades are highly energy efficient due to the pockets of air formed by the cellular design. Cellular shades is the perfect combination of function and fashion, providing energy efficiency while stylishly covering your windows.


Layers of richness. Soft lines and curves that exude a buoyant warmth. Cellular Shades insulate with honeycomb-shaped cells.  Supremely energy efficient, they keep the home bathed in comfort all year round.



Provide subtle variations of light through shades that transition from full sun to complete darkness. The results are stunning, yet exquisitely controlled.  A solutions for numerous privacy and light-control needs, it also offer excellent sound absorption, and reduces noise in rooms with hard flooring


This exuberant palette expresses beauty that transcends your style. Plain or prints are coupled with intricate, refined details, to achieve exhilarating results


  • 100% polyester fabrics that are both anti-static and dust repellant
  • Soft hand fabric provides better insulation, sound absorption and protects against harmful UV rays from the sun
  • The fabrics are mould resistant making it ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and sunrooms
  • Consistent street side feature creates uniformity to the exterior
  • Cord loop system makes It easy to lift the shade allowing exact positioning of where the shade will rest
  • Top down/bottom up feature is available allowing the shade to be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom
  • Cordless operation is also available, that can be easily maneuvered with a touch of a finger, a child and pet safety feature
  • Additional specialty options include day/night shades, two shades in one headrail angle top, specialty shapes and skylight shades
  • Can be combined with pleated shades

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