Match any type of décor with Roller Shades. These elegant shades are easy to operate and add sophisticated flair to any room. Choose from designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of hues, patterns, and possibilities, including jacquards, stripes, and delicate woven textures. For a finishing touch, add embellishments like a scalloped hem and beaded or gimp trim. In addition to hue and pattern, choose the opacity of your roller shades according to how you would like to regulate the light: sheer, light filtering, room darkening, or blackout


As much as we enjoy sunlight streaming into our homes, it can damage wood floors, artwork, paint, wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture. While Solar Shades appear refined and collected, their efficient fabric is hard at work, quietly multi-tasking to make your environment enjoyable. They minimize glare, reduce optical strain, and block UV rays and heat gain, while still allowing you to see outside. Solar Shades help you create a comfortable, sophisticated sanctuary while preserving your connection to your surroundings.


Solar openness filters light and heat, and affects how clear your view to the outside is, too.  Selecting the right solar shade is about more than looks—how much light comes through is important. Openness percentages tell you how much light and heat filter through, but they also express something more: visibility. Solar shade fabric is an open weave, allowing a view through the shades. Lower levels of openness—1% and 3%—are more densely woven and more opaque, offering more privacy and blocking more sun and heat. Shades with higher percentages of openness—10% and 14%—have more open space woven in the fabric, allowing a better view outside with less privacy.


For satisfying simplicity with a twist of style, roller shades finish your room with modern sensibility in more ways than one.  For an honest, pure approach to decorating your windows, Roller Shades contribute clean lines and quality that never goes out of style. With the fresh perspective of new designer fabrics and textures, you’ll turn to roller shades again and again. Under draperies or as a stand-alone statement, roller shades introduce character and common sense into your décor.


Roller Shades fabrics help you build the right ambience.  Your specifications for privacy and light in each room might fluctuate based on how you and your loved ones use the room. That’s why opacity—the degree to which light is blocked by the roller fabric—is a critical consideration, allowing refined, precise control over how much light enters your rooms and how much privacy you have.

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